Hawaiian Historical Print Society

About the Artist

Mr. Jan Krane was born and educated in the Netherlands and received a degree in art from the Academy of Arts in Arnhem. He was exposed at a very early age to all aspects of the creative arts. Jan began his career as a commercial artist in Amsterdam. In America he furthered his art education at the University of California in San Diego. Jan’s works have been exhibited in the La Jolla Art Museum and other galleries in California. In the Hawaii-California Art Competition he won second place. His commissioned works are in corporate and private collections.

Early on Jan became very interested in the art of etching and studied the works of old masters. Inspired by them and guided by his unique craftsmanship he has dedicated himself to the beautiful world of etching.

Inspired by the beauty and spirit of the Hawaiian Islands, he studied the Hawaiian and Polynesian history from the first settlers through Captain Cook’s arrival and on to present day. By studying Hawaiian history, Jan has applied his knowledge to reflect the rich colors of the Hawaiian culture.


  • Hawaii/California Art Exhibition, Newport CA
  • La Jolla Art Museum, La Jolla CA
  • Art Systems Gallery, Solana Beach, CA
  • Seven Lamps Gallery, La Jolla, CA
  • Regency Gallery, Los Angeles, CA
  • Van Kampen Gallery, Palo Alto, CA

Corporate collections:

  • Kodak Corporation, Del Mar, Ca
  • Pacific Electronics, Mission Viejo, CA
  • ACT Corporation, Anaheim, CA
  • Columbia Book Company, Vancouver, WA

Mr. Jan Krane is a member of:

  • Conservation Council for Hawaii Historic Hawaii Foundation
  • Whaling Museum
  • Bishop Museum